At Share Wealth Systems we mentor everyday DIY investors by providing some of the most heavily researched and targeted trading systems available on the market today. Our trading systems are governed by facts not fads, using statistical probability and powerful portfolio simulation rather than discretion, hearsay and guess work. And we provide all the necessary support required to learn to trade consistently and successfully.

Our trading systems have been comprehensively researched on the NASDAQ and Australian (ASX) stock exchanges.

While each investor comes to our business for a different set of reasons, every investor has a common goal of building wealth through a focused and consistent approach to the market.

If you wish to become an investor who follows a successful trading plan, with a strict set of rules, backed by demonstrated results, we strongly believe we can be of help.
Gain access to our ground breaking 'Special Report' - The Trading Manifesto and see for yourself the type of performance returns on offer.

* The performance of the SPA3 public portfolios have been achieved by strictly adhering to the SPA3 rules and processes. Portfolio returns will differ when taking into account portfolio size, trade selection and the date the portfolio begins. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. The "SPA3 Portfolio - Risk Profile 1" was created historically up to the 19th March 2012 and then the trades were committed in real time. The "SPA3 Portfolio - Risk Profile 2" trades were committed in real time over the entire life of the portfolio. All of our publicly traded portfolios include costs associated with trading but are not physcially executed in the market.
Research shows returns of Managed Funds with exposure to Australian Stocks, on average, match the ALL-ORDS.


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